Here at Mueller Quarter Horses, we are focused on creating quality quarter horse prospects that excel in the performance horse industry here in the heart of Iowa. When we first began to delve into the world of cutters and cow horses, we were a bit discouraged by the distance we were traveling to acquire the particular bloodlines that we were after. We thought it would be great to be able to produce quality quarter horse prospects with specialized genetics and bring those to the heart of the midwest here in Iowa. We want people from the Midwest states to be able to find a prospect that they can compete on and do well on in the cutting and cow horse industry.

If you have interest in one of our prospects, please call or message ahead of time as we do both work full-time jobs and the majority of our free time is spent with our horses. We do frequently go visit our trainers and ride with them, and we are planning to attend some weekend shows as well to compete in the cow horse and cutting classes. If we don’t respond immediately, we will get back to you shortly.

While we both grew up around horses and did plenty of riding and showing in our younger days, we did spend some time without them. After we had our daughters, we decided that we wanted to get back into the horse industry so that we could teach them about these amazing animals and the responsibility that comes with owning and taking care of them. Having horses around can teach children so much, like having courage to get on, being able to think quickly and know how to handle a situation, the responsibility that comes with having to care for them day in and day out, and there is so much personal growth involved as they learn and improve and begin to master their own skills.

We started out with some trail horses and did some camping. As we spent more time with our trainers who ride cowhorses and began to ride some of their horses, it became clear that was the direction we were drawn to. We always say that is what changed our direction, because as soon as we got a taste for the quick footed and smart minded cow horses, we were hooked. We bought our first cow bred mare in 2019, and we haven’t looked back since. We now own a herd of primarily cow bred and cutting horses, with several mares being bred every year with the intention to raise some quality prospects. Aside from the breeding aspect of things, we do train and start riding the young ones ourselves. If we decide we want to further their knowledge, we will send them to our trainer for specialized training. We hope to delve further into the show horse industry in the future as well.

To say that we care deeply about our horses is an understatement. They are like family to us. Each horse has their own unique personality and their strengths and weaknesses. Our job is to give them every opportunity to master their strengths, and to help them to better their weaknesses and become the best that they can be. Beyond that, we strive to get them into the hands of someone who cares for them and will go far with them, as well as give them a good home. We love what we do because these horses are so smart and athletic, they are capable of so much with the right foundation and upbringing. We strongly believe that the start they have in life is of the utmost importance as far as who they become as an adult horse. Our primary goal is to make them into a productive citizen that is loved and respected and get them into a home that appreciates and cares for them.